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Canzip Limited is a Project Management company that specializes in assisting clients and contractors, in front end project management to save any delays to completion and any over budget final accounts.

As a company we have found that if we manage front end design, assisting client / Architects / Engineers in looking at the "Constructability" of the design, raising Technical queries early in a scheme, making sure when the design is issued they are correct. Canzip then ensure the drawings are audited prior to Issued for construction status, this will then with correct management provide the client with completion of his project on time, within budget and with no nasty surprises along the way to completion. These are the main goals for any Client.

An age old adage quote: "If You Start Right, it will finish Right"

Canzip employ experienced management consultants, with a "Hands on" approach, to ensuring projects complete finish on Planned Completion and within budget.

We provide a design deliverable schedule, which we monitor to give accurate state of progress  in relation to the final "Issued for construction" status. These drawings will also be reviewed by CanZip professionals for:

  • Constructability
  • Alternative material used in design, which may decrease value
  • Lead in times for procurement.


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